Smythical Smiths are the rarest form of Smiths currently in the game, and the only way you can find them now is through King's Chests, which can be bought for 1500 gems, and can be found in the Premium Shop. Here are the current ones. Some Smythical Smiths, however, are from Easter Eggs and Secrets, this is ordered in their Smith number order, but this is only a hub, click the links to find out about the Smiths


Smith Number Smythical Smiths
#3 Commando Smith
#5 Agent Smith
#10 Super Smith
#13 Bat Smith
#15 Dark Lord of the Smith
#16 Air O' Smith
#19 Homer Smithson
#21 Fresh Smith
#22 Indiana Smith
#24 Wonder Smith
#26 Squire Smith
#29 Optismith Prime
#30 Super Smithio Bro
#31 Master Smith
#38 Mage Smith
#41 Titan Smith
#51 Fighter Smith
#54 Smithbuster
#59 Samithus

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